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One year ago today I married my best friend and partner in crime. I can’t believe it has been 365 days already as I can still remember every single minute of that day vividly like it was yesterday. It was the happiest day of our lives (yet!) and we were so blessed to have most of our family from near and far celebrate with us. Look at us so happy after tying the knot!!

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This year went by quite smoothly with little or no changes in our daily routine. Since we lived together for two years before the wedding, we decided to move a few months ago to get a “newlywed” place and that’s about all the major change lol! Although my mom would want more than that kind of change, if you know what I mean, but we are enjoying spending time with each for now.

Despite being polar opposite characters (I talk too much, he doesn’t; I ere on the liberal side of things and him on the conservative side sometimes; savory tooth vs sweet tooth and the biggie: Apple vs Andriod), we fit perfectly together. We bump heads now and then but somehow we have figured out how to not kill each other 🙂

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We are spending the day together quietly and having dinner at our wedding site at sunset!! Of course I baked us a delicious cake and I will share that with you soon.

Happy Anniversary honey! I look forward to many more happy and blessed years with you!

(Pheww, I am done being all mushy now. Thanks for listening! Happy Labor day to you all and see you next week)

(All photos by Finch Photography)