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Hi, I’m Zainab, the voice behind this blog. Welcome to A Classic Twist, a blog that shares everyday classic recipes with bold twists and flavors. Here you will find recipes from classics with modern twists to more challenging recipes that require a little more guidance. The recipes are familiar, seasonal, and bursting with bold flavors.

The Story

What started as a graduate school hobby to catalog recipes, as I taught myself how to bake and cook, has since become an online destination for readers who truly enjoy cooking and baking. Here, the kitchen is a retreat from your daily grind; every moment spent there is a chance to unwind and enjoy the process. I bring my global perspective and love for bold flavors to each recipe, turning up the volume on everyday classics with flavors from all types of cuisines. I provide step-by-step instructions, so you can cook stress-free, produce amazing results, and learn something new in the process. From recipes with deep, delicious flavors to guided challenges and how-tos that help you learn a new technique or update a classic recipe with a twist of your own, it’s all about seeking inspiration and cooking for the pleasure of it. So, pour a glass of wine, settle in, and let the creativity flow.

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The Author

I’m a baker, home chef, neuroscientist, world traveler, and mom.

Originally born in Freetown, Sierra Leone, I didn’t grow up baking with my grandmother or mother. In fact, I had never baked before 2012, when I decided to bake a heart-shaped cake for my then fiancé on Valentine’s Day (romantic, right?). Needless to say, it was an organized disaster.

For me, baking began as a grad-school hobby, a way to de-stress and express my creativity while earning my Ph.D. in neuroscience. I enjoyed experimenting with new recipes and techniques. I quickly realized that, with a bit of experience and background knowledge, putting my unique spin on the recipes I loved was simple and rewarding. Now, I enjoy nothing more than being spontaneous in the kitchen, guided by instincts and curiosity.

I love sharing recipes inspired by my travels and the flavors I love and showing my readers how to relax and tune in to their intuition.

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