Making a minion cake is so much fun! The little ones in your life will love this whimsical cake, and you will too, because it is delicious.
How to Make a Minion Cake |

Hey guys! A few weeks ago I made a minion cake for my 13- year old niece’s birthday party and posted it in one of my weekend series. You all loved it and loved it even more on Facebook. With all the requests for a HOW-TO, I figured I should let you in on how easy it was to make this minion cake so you can WOW your loved ones too! But first let me start by saying, I was not planning on blogging this, so I did not take detailed step-by-step pictures of everything. So please bear with me as I explain in words where the pictures do not go.


How to Make a Minion Cake |

First of all, here is what you will need to make this minion cake:

1) –  Your favorite chocolate cake recipe, baked to make:

  • 3 6-inch round cakes
  • 1 6-inch cake, baked in a hemisphere pan  (aka a ball pan)
  • I used my chocolate cake recipe to bake three 6-inch round cakes, one 6-inch half-ball and a few cupcakes for display.

**Note:  if you want a bigger cake, use 3 8-inch round cakes and 1 8-inch cake baked in a hemisphere pan and double the recipe above.

2) –  Your favorite frosting, colored yellow. Find mine HERE.

**Note: I decided not to cover the entire cake in fondant because I dislike the taste of fondant and would rather have people enjoy the birthday cake. So I went the frosting route. Feel free to buy more yellow fondant to cover your cake instead of yellow buttercream frosting.

3) –  Fondant:

  • 1 pound white, 1 pound yellow, 1 pound blue fondant
  • OR 2 pounds white fondant (instead of buying the individual colors, you can color the white with blue and yellow gel color pastes)
  • Black gel coloring, blue gel coloring


  1. Bake your cakes the day before. Wrap in plastic wrap and chill overnight. It’s always easier to work with chilled cakes.
  2. The next day, make your frosting. I used my basic whipped vanilla buttercream colored with a few drops of yellow Wilton Icing Colors
  3. Fill your cake with your frosting.

How to Make a Minion Cake |

Crumb coat your cake with frosting. Refrigerate for 30 minutes.

How to Make a Minion Cake |

Frost cake with a thick coat of frosting. Smooth frosting as much as possible. Chill frosted cake for an hour or two to harden frosting. It must be hardened before you can proceed. (Again, you can cover your cake in yellow fondant if you choose to here and skip frosting the cake. Just get a pound of yellow pre-colored fondant)

How to Make a Minion Cake |

While the cake chills, make all the features to bring the minion cake to life.

First you will need to color your fondant as needed using gel paste colors. You will need yellow, blue, black and gray. Here are the components:

  • One white circle for the eye (with blue pupil!). Some people do two eyes, so you can here.
  • A gray band for the goggles which I wrapped around to make it 3-D
  • One black headband. I’m going to call it a headband, but it’s the black band you see coming from the goggles.
  • Two arms with attached black hands. Here just roll out logs of yellow fondant into sausage like rolls and for the hands, we just sculpted them free-hand.
  • Tongue and lip: free style sculpt these
  • Blue overalls: For this we had four blue rectangular bands detailed with a toothpick. Two squares (one big and one small) for the front of the overalls. And two buttons. Note the front mirrors the back but you do not have to do the overalls at the back.
  • Two feet. These are just two blue stubs that were sculpted to look like feet.
  • Black hair: small rolls of black fondant on toothpicks. I used the toothpicks to attach them to the top of the cake.

Finally, assemble all the parts. I used edible glue (gumpaste dissolved in water) to attach the fondant to the cake.

How to Make a Minion Cake |

So there you have it. The completed minion cake. It looks wonderful doesn’t it?

Again, I apologize for the lack of pictures of the assembly. But I hope the step-by-step descriptions will help you. I had tons of help from my husband in the assembling and that made it easier to hold things down. If you have any questions please let me know in the comments below.

How to Make a Minion Cake |

On close look, it’s not perfect (torn band, uneven edges etc) but that doesn’t matter. My niece loved it!! She was over the moon and everyone at the party was amazed by the cake. Hope you will make this cake for a loved one who enjoys the minions or at your next minion themed party. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below. Oh: this cake served up to 25 people at our party with plenty leftover. 

How to Make a Minion Cake |

Tools I used in this recipe: (some affiliate links included)

**This post contains affiliate links. Just FYI!**
**Hey… this post contains affiliate links! Just FYI.
**Hey… this post contains affiliate links! Just FYI.