A road trip to Indiana from Upstate NY with sigths and stops in Columbus, OH and Defiance, OH.

Road Trip to Indiana from New York

Hi guys! I hope you are all enjoying a great start to this long holiday weekend. I wanted to share with you some photos from a recent road trip. We had to go to Indiana last weekend for my cousin’s graduation and for some reason we decided to drive. {Warning: picture heavy post!}


To be honest, it was a very boring drive on the way there because it was just dry land. Barren from the tough winter the north has suffered.

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Our drive was mainly through North Pennsylvania, all through Ohio and down into Indiana. Ohio was the loooongest stretch and I slept through a lot of it. Once we made it through most of Ohio, we stopped for dinner at O’Charley’s near Columbus, Ohio. I’ve never heard of it before but they are a local chain I think and they had the best margarita I’ve ever had; a tangerine grapefruit margarita. I will be attempting to remake it for sure 🙂


We made it to our destination eventually around midnight and crashed for the big day.


Graduation! She did it 🙂 Super proud of her!!


After all the celebrations and cake (she requested this coconut almond cake which I brought with me!), my cousin’s host dad who hosted the graduation party took us around his farm where I noticed this abandoned barn next door.


I immediately noticed how beautiful the wood look and how it would be great for some food photography. I asked if he minded, explaining what I did and he was so nice. Him and the hubby started searching for boards for me!


The hubby hard at work 🙂 Me not so much, just instructing lol!


On our way back,  we decided to take a different route just in case Ohio had more to offer.byo7





And it did!! I saw this sign for Defiance, OHIO and I was instantly excited about our 10 hour drive.

For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, Defiance, OH is where an election was rigged in the TV show Scnadal that I am totally obsessed with. This town has been central to the plot for seasons and so many people have either lost their jobs or lives over Defiance. So imagine how excited I was to a) find out that it was a real place and b) be on my route lol! Of course we stopped!!


OK once that excitement died down, we figured we might as well enjoy the rest of the trip and stop at a few places. The hubs wanted to stop by the great lake Erie. So we stopped at a park in Cleveland to enjoy some scenery.




It was a great trip back and eventually 12 hours later we made it home!! Longest road trip ever. And guess what? We are doing it all over again next week as we drive to MD for another family event.

Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!!