32 weeks bump-1

So I guess it is safe to say I didn’t get around to doing regular maternity updates as I planned. This thing goes so fast and as it progresses, energy swindles. It is what it is. But here we are with only 8 weeks to go (I still can’t believe it!!) and I have a quick update for you!

How far along?: 32 weeks

Due Date: August 2 (officially), July 29th (unofficially).

Baby is the size of: Coconut! (about 4 lbs 12 oz )

Gender: BOY for sure. Testicles descended as the ultrasound technician pointed out this week.

Total Weight Gain: About 18 pounds

Maternity clothes: YES! That’s all I wear…at least to work. At home non-maternity yoga pants and sweats still work.

Stretch marks?: I haven’t noticed much yet and I am still slathering on Palmer’s Cocoa Butter every morning.

Symptoms: I noticed my feet started swelling last week after standing for extended periods of time in the kitchen. This is a bummer as I am always baking up a storm over the weekend for blog recipes, clients and family. But looks like it’s time to slow down. Also, I am getting heartburn again like the first trimester and this time everything from spicy to non-fried food triggers it. Braxton Hicks have started as well which is a good sign we are heading in the right direction.

Sleep: I am getting lots of sleep finally and kinda scared to say that out loud.

Exercise: Non-existent sadly. Just long walks around our new neighborhood and those help a lot. I wish I could do more but I am so tired after a long day at work and I have no energy to do much.

Movement: Like crazy tumbling and kicking in there and it is visible from the outside now. Oh, Mr J plays ‘chase the light’ with him. The baby seems to follow/ kick where he shines the flashlight. It’s cute to see how amused he gets seeing the baby respond to him. Sadly, just one of us is enjoying being kicked from the inside.

Best moment this week: We had our 8 months check up this week with an ultrasound. It was fun to see the little guy kicking and moving around. It’s so reassuring he is growing well.

Miss Anything? : WINE!! Just one glass pleaseeeeee. Went to the Taste of Syracuse yesterday and I really wanted to get a wine slushy.

Food Cravings: I’ve been bad at this because I have no specific cravings. I eat lots of carbs (bread!) and not so much sweets these days.

Anything making you queasy or sick: No. but everything gives me heartburn so yeah.

Mood: Anxious. Lots to finish before he gets here (experiments to wrap up in lab, blog recipes for clients, baby shopping to finish etc etc) and I have a feeling he will be early so working fast to get everything done. I should probably pack my hospital bag soon!

Wedding rings on or off? : Still on and lots of wiggle room. Don’t think they will be coming off.

Nursery: Almost done. Just waiting for glider to come in and some few little decor items I should get (curtains, lamp, books, wall art etc)

Looking forward to: My baby showers. One next weekend with the family and the week after one at work!!