Bridal Shower Recap

Hey guys! As promised here are some pictures to recap the bridal shower this past weekend. To start with I am sorry for the sub-par photos…the table was in the darkest part of the room.

Bridal Shower

It all started a few months ago when my friend (&MOH) asked me to make 60 cupcakes for her sister’s bridal shower. It was nerve racking and humbling at the same time because I have never done anything more than 24 cupcakes. Of course I said yes because the bride is like a sister to me and now I am a bridesmaid in the wedding!! As you can see I went beyond just cupcakes. I had a vision of setting up a dessert table and that’s exactly what I did. I loved how it turned out!! What do you think?

Bridal Shower

The MOH decided on a wine-themed shower and since the bride’s favorite color is purple, we went with it. I made chocolate red wine cupcakes (coming soon) to go with the theme. In addition, I made a batch of fluffy vanilla cupcakes with whipped vanilla frosting (recipe here).

Bridal Shower

I made a batch of vanilla almond sugar cookies from Bake at 350 which I attempted to decorate. Clearly, cookie decorating is not one of my strong fortes but I loved how they turned out. It was also a fun activity to do with the MOH (who decorated the two cookies with “Tia” and was very proud of her creations).

And finally I wanted a centerpiece, so I made a confetti cake (recipe coming soon) designed simply with dots. I made it for the groom because they always seem to be left out of the bridal shower celebrations but this way he had something too.
For the decorations, I wanted a banner backdrop and a cake bunt. I found a simple tutorial that was very easy and planned on using it. But because I am a procrastinator, I waited till last minute and I didn’t have time to make the bunt, banner and bake/decorate. So the hubby volunteered to make them the day before. I steered him towards this tutorial and this and he did a great job!! He is the best helper EVER.
Bridal Shower
In the end, I loved how everything came together. The table looked just as I had envisioned and most importantly the ‘client’ and bride loved it!
Hope you all have a great weekend!

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