Everyone timecapsule wardrobe needs a classic holiday red sweater. The bold, bright color is striking and perfect for the holiday season.

Hi friends!

Later this week, you will see some changes around here and I wanted to take some time to explain why things are changing.

Those of you who have followed this blog for the past five years will remember that I  started this blog with the primary goal of documenting recipes I loved as I was teaching myself how to bake. To my surprise, this little corner developed into a community of avid home bakers looking for new recipes to share with their friends and families. At the same time, I’ve evolved as a baker and even though I am still learning different techniques, I am now more comfortable in the kitchen. It’s time to take this wonderful community to a new phase.

What is not changing?

For starters, I am not going anywhere.

My love for sweet treats and creating recipes is not changing either and I will continue to share that here with you.

What is changing?

The biggest change you will see is the blog name. This is a much-needed change. When I started the blog, I picked “Blahnik Baker” on a whim because I thought it was cute as it embodied two things that I love – baking and shoes. Never did I think that this would become a passion and I will build a community from it. While I thought “Blahnik Baker” was fine at first, I’ve reached the point where the name is no longer personally or professionally representing this space. As this community has evolved beyond me and into a space for us all, the blog’s name needs to reflect this. Stay tuned for the new name later this week!

Another change you will see is the content. You will see the same great recipes but I am adding more for you. Over the years, you’ve asked for more recipes that teach you techniques. More baking bucket lists recipes to help you conquer your baking fears. I will be adding more of these recipes to the site for you in a new HOW-TO section. You have also asked for more savory recipes. Even though I have a few on the blog now and cook way more than I bake, I’ve stayed away from savory recipes. But you want more, so I will add more delicious savory recipes for you. In general, I’ve come to learn from your feedback that YOU are attracted to classic recipes but inspired by bold flavors and twists. Just like me.

The final change will be a site redesign to better structure all the future content coming your way. I worked with my designer to make sure the site is user-friendly and easy for you to reach the great recipes in 1 to 2 clicks.

A decadent gluten free and vegan chocolate coconut tart that starts with a chewy coconut almond crust and is filled with creamy chocolate coconut ganache.

Why the change?

Like I’ve mentioned above, the change is long overdue given that this community has evolved over the past 5 years. I want this space to be helpful to you and ensure we are delivering the right content to put you first.

You LOVE cooking and baking as much as I do and you see baking as both a necessity and a creative release (just like I do). You are not afraid to try new flavors and put a twist on your classic recipes. The focus of the blog moving forward will be to provide YOU with those classic recipes you are craving for your families instructed with bold flavors and twists inspired by my travels and the flavors I love.

I am very excited for this change and I know it will bring you more of the great content you come here for. It will also enable me to continue sharing with you more of what makes me happy in the kitchen and truly help you bring creativity into your kitchen.

Stay tuned for more this Friday!