Hello Blogging world!

Let’s start with a confession. I have a few ‘mis’ conceptions about blogging and I should confess before I embark on this adventure. I think blogging is for creative, artsy and chic individuals (where did I get this from? Who knows!). Truth is, I am not even close to any of these. I’m the least creative person you will ever meet (seriously – just ask my husband!), and anything artsy and I don’t seem to exist in the same realm.

Even though I think blogging is for interesting people with things to share in creative ways, I am excited about learning to bake and documenting my progress (hopefully) that I can ignore the fact that I am not that interesting. For the first time, I have found something that I’m passionate about and enjoy doing to a point that I want to share it with others. Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy doing research and I’m passionate about trying to find a cure for neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Schizophrenia… but baking resonates on a different level. I feel accomplished at the end of a long baking day and love nothing more than sharing my baked goods with friends and family.

I hope as time goes by I will learn to create beautiful and tasty desserts and be more confident in my abilities.

Here is the first cake I ever baked almost a year ago and even though it is not pretty, it is a reminder of the past and a look ahead!

The Beginning
February 2012: First cake attempt