Hello! Let’s talk shall we?

1. I am so OVER this polar vortex 5.0 nonsense whatever. It’s becoming the worst winter in history and I am sure folks in Atlanta and Texas are agreeing with me right now

2. Did you know there are rules to taking selfies? What you didn’t know either? My 12 year niece schooled me this past weekend when she and I had some quality time together.


Apparently only 60% of your face should be in the picture and it should always be angled. And you should have some sort of expression. Eh, too much work for me and I don’t like my face that much.

If you haven’t yet, check out the valentine’s day baking party we hosted together last weekend. So much fun!!

3. Talking about nieces that are almost teenagers in a month. They are great to hang around and talk to because their perspective of the world is so beautiful and unique!! They make you realize how old you are (almost 30 arghhh!!) and how One Direction makes bad music that should NEVER be listened to on super loud volume. Just saying. Hurts the head (and soul) at my age.

4. The hubs made this braised beef recipe last week for dinner. Best beef I’ve ever had. So tender and just delicious. Thanks Krista for a great recipe. What did you have this week that you loved? Share please! I am always looking for new recipes to try.

5. Talking about new things, I started wearing make-up this week. I should probably clarify that statement before you think I’m a cave woman. I usually only wear make-up for special occasions (date nights, weddings etc) but I figured I should be normal and/or start acting my age and put on some make-up before I leave the house. This week I started with only foundation powder since everything else is too much for me. Baby steps. However, I have noticed that my foundation (MAC Studio Fix Powder) doesn’t last more than 2-3 hours and my oily face breaks through it. This wasn’t a problem before since I will only be wearing it for the night. But now I am in search for a) a long-lasting foundation that can last the work day and b) maybe a primer? Any suggestions?

6. I am in the market for an Ice-cream maker. I am finally taking the plunge so that this Spring (which I hope will eventually be here) I can start indulging in homemade ice-cream recipes. Of course I will share with you! Do you have a favorite brand I should look at? I’m trying not to spend above $50.

7. Thanks to a certain housemate who was at the Super Bowl last weekend working and who kindly brought back the diseases of America into the house, I am now sick. The past two days have been miserable with stuffy nose and cloudy headaches. Hopefully, by the end of the weekend it will be all cleared up.

Till then my friends. I will be on the couch so please let me live vicariously through you 🙂 What are you doing this weekend?